Helen did a fantastic job for our McCormick D&I day which was focussed around mental health. This year, of course, was a virtual event due to lockdown, but the two sessions Helen led – “How full is your stress bucket” and “Flexible thinking for Resilience (how to bend but not break)” were well attended and extremely well received. Helen’s style really hit the spot – informative, practical and great feedback from those who joined. Would thoroughly recommend Helen for your next event.

Luke Race,  EMEA Customer Quality Manager,  McCormick & Company 


I strongly recommend Helen, she has been a massive help to me.  She has a very calm demeanour, is a very good listener and made me feel relaxed and comfortable.  I felt at ease and able to talk freely. 

As our sessions progressed my views changed to the point where I am achieving greater self awareness leading to an understanding of the issues which I am dealing with.  I experienced a “lightbulb” moment which has allowed me to look at my personal situation from a much more positive perspective. All this has led to an increased self esteem and a better relationship with my partner.


The coaching I received from Minerva was extremely valuable to me from both a work and a personal perspective. Helen openly listens, without judgement, and I looked forward to the sessions as a safe space for introspection and reflection away from the usual frantic nature of my working days. She gave me some simple tools to allow me space to pause and shift mindset, and I have been putting these into practice with great results. I would not hesitate to recommend Helen.

Mark Dudman

I have worked with Helen on a number of occasions, originally to help me reprioritise and refocus my work life; Helen skilfully employed a range of techniques to help me really get to the root of my procrastination and move forward with a momentum I have been able to maintain. I was wrestling with a situation in my personal life which we also tackled, something I had not considered using coaching for before, and this was both revelatory and transformational; Helen helped me break everything down so that I could see how I could take control of the situation and manage it towards a resolution. The sessions have helped me build resilience and confidence and I have learnt some techniques that I have been able to put into use when finding myself in stressful situations. I thoroughly recommend working with Helen, the sessions were both effective and fun. Thank you Helen!

Jacqui Thomasen

Helen worked with me to help me focus on the things that really mattered to me and, most importantly and unexpectedly, question some in-grained thinking I had about what I was physically, emotionally and mentally capable of. Helen’s non-judgemental and gentle approach focusing on philosophical values has changed my general thinking and approach to how I set priorities for myself and my family. Thank you so much Helen!

Christine Dening