What is coaching?

Coaching is forward looking, often (but not always) with a specific goal in mind.  To be coached you need to be ready for and open to change. As a coach I help you achieve your full potential by offering space to think and express your thoughts and ideas without censor or judgement and to see the way ahead to achieving your goals.  

It is essentially a conversation which allows you to release and make sense of all those half-formed ideas floating around your mind.  However much you think about things there is something very powerful about saying the words out loud that helps you to get clarity. And who you talk it over with really matters – a well-meaning friend, colleague or partner can be quick to impose their own point of view – and to censor your thinking before it’s fully emerged.  As a coach I don’t give advice and I don’t judge. I believe that you are whole and complete and that you have all the answers within. I listen really carefully not only to what you say but the way that you say it. I ask you questions which aim to challenge your assumptions and release you from the limits you put on yourself. This leads to greater self-awareness and new perspectives, empowering you to find and take the direction you truly want.